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Wedding Officiant

What to Expect from a Quality Wedding Officiant

If you’re planning to get married, it’s important to choose the right wedding officiant to help make your day extra special. Whether it’s a traditional or LGBT wedding officiant, this is a very important service that is just one part of your big day. Before you hire a wedding officiant for this life-changing event, check out this list of things to look for so that you’re sure you make the right choice.

  • Your officiant should take the time to consult with you ahead of the wedding day so that they understand your unique vision and your special preferences for the ceremony.

  • The officiant can help you weave your own personal love story into the narrative by helping you craft a special, custom-written ceremony tailored just for you.

  • If you’re not religious or LGBT, look for an LGBT-friendly wedding officiant or one that is non-denominational. You should be able to have your wedding ceremony done your way and however you want it to be.

  • The officiant should arrive on-site the day of your wedding at least 45 to 60 minutes before the ceremony begins. They may also work with you to do a rehearsal run before the day of the wedding, so you’re confident everything will go as planned.

  • Ideally, you want to find a wedding officiant who will work with you to create a ceremony that everyone will cherish and remember. The goal is to create something special that will make lasting memories.

  • After the wedding, your officiant should mail the marriage license directly to the city or county clerk where you reside.

  • Make sure your officiant is good at communication, and that they offer unlimited email communication, so you always have access to the answers to your questions or concerns.

  • Experience matters, so look for a wedding officiant who understands the importance of marriage and the ceremony itself, and who has a great track record with positive reviews.

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