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Polyamorous Wedding Officiant

How a Polyamorous Wedding Officiant Performs a Ceremony

In a polyamorous ceremony, three or more people join together in commitment and make promises of love to each other in an official yet non-legally binding ceremony. A polyamorous wedding officiant is there to make sure that everything goes exactly to the group’s unique specifications. These ceremonies are not legal weddings, but they are more like special commitment ceremonies. However, the polyamorous wedding officiant will conduct the ceremony in a way that’s similar to a traditional wedding. No license is required for clients taking part in a polyamorous ceremony since technically, it is not a legal marriage. However, using an officiant who understands the importance of polyamorous commitment will help to ensure that this moment is honored and treasured for years to come. Contact me today if you need an LGBT, bilingual, or polyamorous wedding officiant and I will be happy to help make your big day as memorable and wonderful as possible!

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