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I have officiated 1055 weddings to date (12/20/2017). Eleven years of officiating weddings, and I am loving every minute of it! And, although I can't honestly claim to remember every single couple I’ve married - I can honestly say that I do remember most!

Each couple has their unique love story, unique preferences for their wedding day, their unique family configurations and considerations - no two have been alike for eleven years. And, I strive to develop lasting relationships with couples I serve. Some have contacted me to bless their new homes, bless their new babies, bury their family members. They email or text me to tell me about new jobs or special life events. I love hearing from them and keeping up with their lives.

And, as I look over photos I have of those weddings, and look over the notes I took as we met to discuss the wedding ceremony, memories come flooding back to me about each couple and their very special wedding day. About their family members, the intimate moments of their wedding ceremony - like when Groom David cried so hard he made his Bride Ellen start to cry, and we just had to all pause for a kleenex break (photo-Mint Photography, venue-Lost Mission)

Or, the time the Bride laughed so hard she nearly fell over backwards. Thank you, Sophie Epton Photography, for this great shot of Cindy and Martin at the lovely venue, Inn at Wildrose (L), and thanks to Sasha and Charles (R), of this shot of your day.

Outdoor weddings are always subject to weather conditions. And, in Texas, those conditions can change dramatically in a minute. I've braved gale force winds, (Photos: Left, Creatrix Photography / Right, Captivating Photography)

and rainy or extremely frigid conditions which forced outdoor weddings inside, like this one of Anita and Bill (L), and of Megan and Chris (R), photo by Lauren Maria Photo and Video.

Through it all, I have gained tons of fond memories, met thousands of great people – family, friends, other wedding vendors, and have learned a lot about how to make a wedding memorable, joyful, romantic and one-of-a-kind for each of the 1055 couples I’ve married (number is accurate as of 12/20/17). More to come through December and into 2018! Making happy memories, one wedding at a time!

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