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Bilingual Officiant

Why Bilingual Funeral Services Are Important

If a loved one from a Hispanic or other cultural family has passed away, it’s important to find a bilingual officiant who can speak both English and native languages to ensure that everyone attending understands the ceremony. These bilingual funeral services can be extremely meaningful, and they provide attendees with a ceremony that they can treasure for years to come. When it comes to holding a Hispanic funeral ceremony, the bilingual officiant will need to understand how these formalities typically go in order to ensure that the family is happy with the outcome. Here’s why holding bilingual funeral services is so important to so many families.

Traditions are Upheld

In many bilingual funeral services, the loved ones participate in visitation. This visitation typically begins later in the day and can last for many hours, even going late into the night. Food is often served during this time, and you may notice food and beverages being served in the funeral home. There are also typically many candles and flower arrangements that will later be used to decorate the loved one’s burial grounds. Some visitations may take part in a family member’s home rather than at the funeral home.

The Service

In many cases, the bilingual officiant will perform the ceremony at a place of your choosing. The deceased will be brought by the casket and taken into the place where the service will be held. This service is extremely important because it helps all members of the family and the community feel as if they are included. If more than one language is spoken, then everyone should be able to understand what is being said in order to feel part of the moment.

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