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Bilingual Celebrant

Rehearsal Planning with Your Wedding Celebrant

Once you’re ready to tie the knot and you’ve scheduled your Big Day, it’s time to practice with a quick rehearsal. With the help of your wedding Officiant, you can rehearse the wedding ceremony for a quick “practice run.” Make sure that your bilingual celebrant is there to help you go through the ceremony from start to finish so that your wedding day goes smoothly. Here are the basics of how your rehearsal should go with your wedding celebrant there to guide you.


Your native-speaking or bilingual celebrant will help you determine where each member of the wedding party needs to go. They can help you determine where each person should be standing during the ceremony, and how to ensure that everyone is evenly spaced for the best vantage point. Determining the placement of your wedding party is also important for pictures so that they come out beautifully.

Walking Out-Practice

Once everyone is in the correct place, you can practice walking out as if it were the day of the ceremony. The wedding celebrant will make their presentation of the couple, and you will practice coming out in the correct order. The maid of honor and best man will be there, and the wedding party will come to the “stage” in pairs as they enter the room separately. If there is a flower girl and ring bearer, they will practice walking out, and so will the parents and grandparents as applicable.

Processional Practice

After the wedding party knows where they will stand, you can practice the entrance Processional. Everyone will be lined up in the order they plan to enter, and each person should be spaced evenly. Ideally, there should be around 20 to 30 feet between each “couple” entering the ceremony. Next, the bride and her escort will come in after the rest of the wedding party is in place. The rest of the rehearsal will involve practicing the hand-off, which is when the bride and her escort make it to the front by the first row. Your wedding celebrant will read off some basic “commands” for you to follow so that you’re ready and confident on the day of the wedding ceremony.

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